What to do when You receive an FRO Enforcement letter?


What to do when You receive an FRO Enforcement letter?


Who or What is the FRO?


The FRO (Family Responsibility Office) is a government agency responsible for enforcing court-ordered child and spousal support payments. Its primary mandate is to ensure that support payments are made regularly and on time, facilitating financial stability for families in Ontario. The FRO makes sure that people follow court orders and/or domestic contracts about paying child support. If you have to pay support, you will pay FRO, and they will pass the money to the other parent. This keeps happening unless both of you agree in writing to stop using FRO.

What NOT to do upon receiving an FRO enforcement letter?


Do not ignore the letter. If you decide to disregard the letter, the FRO can enforce any.
of the following methods:

1. Suspending your driver’s license

2. Suspending your passport and other federal license

3. Garnishing your bank accounts

4. Reporting you to the credit bureau

5. Garnishing money or refund from the government (i.e. income tax refund,
CPP, employment benefits refund, OAP)

6. Placing a lien on your real property

7. Reporting you to any and all occupational and professional organizations you
are part with.

It is to your advantage to pay voluntarily before anything mentioned above happens to you. Please note that the FRO is obligated to provide you a 30-day notice before suspending your license.

Additionally, the FRO may contact your employer or any other source of their income. They will instruct the employer to subtract support payments from your paycheck and send it directly to the FRO. Afterwards, the FRO forwards the money to the child support recipient.

Do you want to contest the FRO Enforcement Letter?

It is important to communicate with the FRO regarding child support and/or arrears. It is also important to consult with a family lawyer regarding your situation for proper advice. As a payor, you have rights and responsibilities that we can assist you in dealing with the FRO. For more information on enforcement and inquiries, you can contact us via phone at 416-409-5991 or via email at info@ajlawpartners.ca.