Visit Visa Types Available in Canada for Foreign Nationals

There are multiple types of visas available allowing foreign nationals to visit Canada that your Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto can help you process. Additionally, these visas also serve different purposes.

Transit Visa

Foreign nationals obliged to obtain a visa for travel purposes inside Canada are also required to have a transit visa. This allows them to travel within Canada without stopping. This type of visa is free of charge and required even when a foreign national will only be staying in Canada for less than 48 hours.

Single-Entry Visa

This type of visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada only once whilst the visa is valid. The Canadian government may issue a single-entry visa as early as 6 months prior to the expected date of arrival in the country. Moreover, this type of visa may expire as early as one month after the date of arrival in Canada.

Multiple-Entry Visa

Foreign nationals holding this type of visa are allowed to enter Canada as many times as they require until the visa expires. It has a maximum validity of 10 years and is now considered the standard visa to be issued. However, those applying for only the single-entry visa, they may be required to provide an explanation as to why they would prefer that type of visa instead.

For Filipinos wishing to visit Canada, AJ Law LLP’s Filipino Immigration Lawyer would offer updated immigration advice. We would always be ready to provide an evaluation to prospective tourists and direct them into the correct procedural steps that they need to take.

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