Refugee Protection

Immigration Lawyer

Refugee Protection

Immigration Lawyer


Individuals who fear prosecution in their own country and who cannot get protection are allowed to apply as refugees in Canada. They may apply to become permanent residents and eventually canadian citizens.

Two General types of Refugees

1. Persons in Need of Protection

Persons in Need of Protection if removed to their home country are subject to the following:

  • Torture;
  • Risk to their life;
  • Risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment if:
  1. They are not able to get protection from their own government,
  2. The person would face the risk in all parts of the country, even though the risk is not faced generally by others in or from that country,
  3. The risk is not part of legal penalties (unless those penalties violate international standards), and the risk is not caused by inadequate health or medical care.

2. Convention Refugees

Convention Refugees are people who are living outside their national country and, because of fear of persecution, cannot be protected within their country or return to it. That fear of persecution must be well-founded and based on their:

  • Race;
  • Religion;
  • Nationality;
  • Political opinion, or
  • Their membership in a particular social group (including groups that the person cannot change, such as gender, sexual orientation, past memberships, or groups they choose to join).

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