The IRCC Minister Fraser has announced a new pathway

The IRCC Minister Fraser has announced a new pathway to attract more healthcare workers to migrate to Canada. The healthcare field is one of the crucial sectors in our society, experiencing unprecedented shortages in the country. This pathway is to resolve the shortage of skilled healthcare workers. Canada tries to attract these healthcare professionals with the background experience to perform critical roles in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities by focusing on professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and optometrists. With the help of this program, these qualified individuals have a quicker pathway to permanent residence in Canada and can help the country’s health care system prosper. Through this specific pathway, every qualified individual all over the world is welcome and encouraged to apply.

New Selection Process for Qualified Health Workers

The initial selection of qualified individuals started yesterday (June 28, 2023), which invites 500 healthcare professionals to apply. The second wave of inviting qualified individuals they are aiming to invite 1,500 workers, which is set to launch on July 5, 2023. The government intends to ensure a seamless process of this program while rapidly addressing the urgent need for healthcare professionals in the nation by using a staged strategy.

Advancing Initiatives for Health Worker Recruitment

This pathway is one of the existing initiatives launched by the IRCC to attract healthcare workers. This pathway is a collaborative initiative with provinces and territories to address the health workforce crisis and to improve workforce planning, retention strategies, and the process for recognizing foreign credentials for health professionals who have received their education abroad. Provinces and territories will also be urged to support multi-jurisdictional credential recognition for essential health professionals as a crucial component of the agreements, advancing labour mobility and facilitating newcomers’ smooth integration into the Canadian healthcare system.

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