What Documents are Needed to Process a Recognition of Foreign Divorce in the Philippines?

Are you seeking to remarry in the Philippines?

Recognition of Foreign Divorce in the Philippines is possible as long as one of the parties at the time of the divorce is non-Filipino or a foreign citizen. The Recognition of a Foreign Divorce process in the Philippines can be complicated, but we are here to provide help.

What documents do you need for the Recognition of Foreign Divorce in the Philippines?

The required documents are as follows:

  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Divorce order
  • Citizenship certificate and/or citizenship ID’s of the foreign individual
  • Family Law Act
  • Family Law Act
  • Marriage certificate

Please note that all of the documents must be apostilled by the relevant authorities. We understand that legal requirements and procedures can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend seeking guidance from a family lawyer, like our office, as the prerequisites might differ based on the individual case details and any recent changes to Philippine legal statutes or regulations.

Don’t let the complicated process hold you back from moving forward with your life. The Recognition of a Foreign Divorce process in the Philippines is possible with the right guidance. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact us via phone at 416-409-5991 or email us at info@ajlawpartners.ca.


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What happens when recognition is granted?

The court will issue a decision recognizing the Canadian divorce under Philippine law. The court’s decision will direct the Philippine civil registry system to annotate the marriage record to reflect the Canadian divorce.

Recognition of the Philippine divorce will also allow the Filipino to remarry under Philippine law. We can arrange to help you with all these as well. You may find more resources related to this at http://www.lawyerphilippines.org/

You can talk to our Filipino Family Lawyer in Toronto to guide you to understand more about the process of divorce in Canada and having it recognized back home. Contact AJ Law LLP’s Divorce Lawyer by calling us at +1 (416) 409-5991 or via email at info@ajlawpartners.ca. You can also visit our website at www.ajlawpartners.ca for more information about our Law Firm.