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Family Lawyer

Filipino Divorce Lawyer: Getting a Divorce in Canada

There are many reasons why married couples get a divorce. One reason is due to miscommunication, another is due to violence while others just grow apart. Whatever the reasons are, everyone has the right to file for divorce in Canada.

Divorce in Canada is governed by the Divorce Act. It is not required for you to get a Lawyer when you are applying for a divorce. However, depending on the complexity of your family issues, you may need a Filipino family lawyer to assist you.

Below are some of the criteria to be able to file for divorce in Canada:

  • Your marriage has broken down.
  • You and your spouse were legally married under the laws of Canada or married in another country and that marriage is recognized in Canada.
  • You or your spouse have lived in Canada for a full year before making the application.
    • Grounds for Divorce:

      • Your spouse has been physically or mentally abusive.
      • Your spouse has committed adultery.
      • You have been living apart for at least one year.

    Process of Divorce in Canada:

    • File for a divorce Application.
    • Determine the grounds for the divorce.
    • Determine if your divorce is contested or uncontested. If there is a child or property involved, include an arrangement with respect to the access, custody, support, division of property etc.
    • File the divorce Application in the province/territory where you reside.
    • Once the divorce Application has been issued by the court, you must serve the opposing party. The Respondent has either 30 days or 60 days to respond to the Application depending on their country of residence.
    • Obtain the Divorce Order.
    • Obtain the Certificate of Divorce.

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