Partner Assault Response (PAR)

A Filipino Criminal Defence Lawyer can help you go through all the processes when facing a criminal assault charge. The charges can be withdrawn using a peace bond depending on the particular facts of your case. There are many options to keep your case out of court, i.e., the Partner Assault Response Program.

What is the Partner Assault Response Program?

The Partner Assault Response, or as we also know as PAR program is a Domestic Violence Court initiative that delivers a specialized community-based group education/counseling program to offenders who have been mandated by the court to attend the PAR program in response to a criminal charge involving domestic violence. It is recognized by the Ontario court system as an important form of early intervention for those involved in a domestic assault situation. (Source:https://familyservicetoronto.org/our-services/programs-and-services/partner-assault-response/)

Who can be participants in PARS?

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you must know that you may be given the opportunity to participate in the PAR program immediately upon receiving your Disclosure at your first court appearance. In this instance, the Crown is presumed to have already assessed your case to participate in the program and upon completion, you will be entered into a peace bond, the staying of your charges, the applicable conditional or absolute discharge, or a suspension of your sentence.


According to the website United Way, you can be discharged from the program before completing the 12 sessions under one of these circumstances:

  • Failure to complete homework assignment (on more than one occasion without a reasonable explanation)

  • Late for group (also on more than one occasion without a reasonable explanation)

  • Disruptive in group, more than once

  • Assaulted or threatened the victim or partner

  • Attended a session impaired by alcohol or some other drug

  • Missed a session (without a reasonable explanation or notification)
  • Refusal to pay the negotiated client fee

  • Being abusive or threatening towards agency staff, students, volunteers, clients, and PAR program participants


What can be learned in the PAR Program:

You will be participating in a 12-week program and must go to every session that lasts every 1-2 hours each week and will have to do work at home for the next sessions

What topics are covered in the PAR Program:

The steps that will be covered are mandatory and these topics are:

  • Domestic Violence Defining Abuse

  • How Beliefs and Attitudes Affect Behaviour

  • The Effects of Abuse on Children, Partners and Self

  • Understanding Triggers / Warning Signs

  • The Impact pf Substance Abuse

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Respectful Communication

  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Responsibility and Accountability. (Source:https://familyservicetoronto.org/our-services/programs-and-services/partner-assault-response/)

If You Fail the PAR Program, there is a possibility that the original resolution deal offered to you before taking the program can now be considered invalid due to the fact that your failure in the program is an indication that there is a lack of willingness on your part to learn and accept responsibilities for your actions.

If You Finish the PAR Program, the group leaders will complete a closing/completion report which would be sent to the Courts. The judge will review this report and determine if you have fulfilled the conditions of your court order.

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