7 Steps on How to Get an NBI Clearance in Toronto

Great news! You can renew your NBI clearance even while you are physically in Canada. The greater news is that WE CAN PROCESS IT FOR YOU!

Ordinarily, here are the steps that an NBI Applicant has to follow:

STEP 1. Book an appointment with the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto (currently not entertaining non-urgent matters because of the recently imposed lockdown),

STEP 2. Go to the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto on the date of appointment and pay for the NBI Form No. 5,

STEP 3. Fill in the original NBI Form No. 5,

STEP 4. Have your fingerprints done,

STEP 5. Gather all the requirements (as indicated herein),

STEP 6. Send the NBI Form No. 5 to a friend or relative in the Philippines for processing there,

STEP 7. Have them send it back to Canada, thereby incurring expensive courier/shipping fees in the process.

What are the requirements for the processing of an NBI Clearance?

  • Photocopy of the information page of your valid passport (original to be presented)

  • Recent 2in x 2in colored photo (taken within the last 3 months)

  • Fingerprints by an accredited RCMP agent, as applicable

  • Accomplished and duly signed original NBI Form No. 5

  • Authorization letter given to your chosen representative in the Philippines

  • Fee of Php 130.00


However, we at AJ Law LLP have the manpower and know-how needed to be able to help you get the NBI Clearance that you require, faster, hassle-free and in a more cost-efficient manner. If you have a HIT, we can provide consultation about your application for free. We can even mail your NBI certificate anywhere in Canada.

You can contact us at our phone: +1 (416) 409-5991 or via email: info@ajlawpartners.ca. We are strategically located at 160 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 406, Toronto, ON, in the same building as the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto.